Friday, October 17, 2008

9 Helpful Things To Remember In Renting Limousines

Limousines are an important ride used for various occasions. And since not all people can afford to buy the luxurious ride, many choose to rent these cars during special events. When renting limousines, there are 9 helpful things you should consider. Here is a list of those guidelines:

The Type Of Event

Not all types of limousines have the same price. When renting limousines, remember to consider the type of event you are planning to attend to. Weddings are usually more expensive compared to basic airport transfers of passengers. So before you book for limousines, remember to have the price quoted by the owner first.

Know The Location Of Rental Shop

Some limousines arrive late during your special day; and that is because the shop is far away from the place you have to be fetched in. You have to tell the rental owner or the chauffeur about how far your place is; this will give them an idea about how early they should prepare before going to your place.

Head Count

At times, brides choose to ride with the whole entourage. If this is the case, you have to count the number of people who will ride inside the car. You have to know the head count to ensure that everybody gets to ride the limousine.

You Get What You Pay For

In most cases, low prices for limousines mean poor services. If you want to save much on limousines, you can look for shops which can provide quality services at an average cost. You simply have to scout for these shops as there may be plenty around town.

Check For The Limousine Shop

Most registered rental shops provide good and legal services. You have to check on them in your local government and see if they are a qualified limousine rental shop.

Check For The License

License checking is very essential in renting limousines. You would know if the driver is capable and professional enough if you check on their license to operate such rides. You have to make sure that you are dealing with the right professionals so the limousine ride can be safe for you.

Limitations In Food, Drinks And Smoking

You might look for some extra amenities like drinks, chips, or even cigar. You have to inquire your localities and the rental shop about these kinds of privileges in their limousine services.

Ask About The Music

During your ride, you might prefer some music to be played inside the car. You can request for some songs from them or you can bring your own CD's so you can fully enjoy the limousine ride.

Visual Inspection

Before you consider reserving the limousine, make sure to conduct a visual inspection of the car. Seeing the limousine yourself may actually be different from viewing them over pictures. So to have an idea of how they look, visit the shop and inspect the limousine yourself.

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