Thursday, October 9, 2008

7 Risks Involved In Renting Cheap Limousine Services

Cheap limousine services are always attractive. And although you'll benefit from the low price, you may experience several disadvantages in renting these cheap services. So as much as you want to save on the rental service, you might want to think twice about the kind of services they can provide you.

Here are the seven risks involved in renting cheap limousines.

Risk # 1 – The Limousine Does Not Show Up

Some cheap services – although not all of them – do not keep a log book of their activities. Because of this, your reservation wouldn't show on their records. The limousine wouldn't arrive and could ruin the entire day you planned for.

Risk # 2 – Late Limousines

Some limousine services are just too careless that they miss the event you booked for. You might be late on your flight or on a corporate meeting. Good limousine services always follow-up on their customers; and since you rented on cheap services, you might wind up not getting contacted by the shop at all.

Risk # 3 – Wrong Limousine Model Shows Up

There may be times that the wrong limousine model would show up on your doors. Instead of the white stretch limousine you rented for the wedding, a hummer limousine arrives. This happens in cheap rental services because most of the shops do not keep precise records.

Risk #4 – Poor Customer Service

You can expect to have poor customer service in cheap limousine rentals. Chauffeurs may also not exercise proper treatment to customers. Complaints may also not be attended to immediately in cheap limousine services.

Risk #5 – Poor Car Quality

Since you rented on a poor limousine service, you can expect for a poor car quality too. You cannot expect these cars to be in perfect shape since they are being rented at a very small price.

Risk # 6 – No Insurance Coverage

Another disadvantage in cheap limousine rentals is the unavailability of insurance coverage once accidents happen during the transport. Expensive limousine services are costly because they pay for accident insurances in case of injuries or damages during the time you rented the limousine.

Risk # 7 – Lesser Benefits Compared To Quality Limousine Services

More expensive limousine services have more benefits. They can have complimentary drinks inside the car and they may offer extra services and amenities depending on the event that you are going to. You can ask about these benefits in rental shops so you may know the amenities you can enjoy in a quality limousine rental service.

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