Monday, January 7, 2008

Negotiating Bulk Rates With Limo Rental Services

Limousines are perfect to stand out in a crowd during a special event; not only does it provide you with decent wheels during the event, the stares and gasps of various onlookers will really make your night worthwhile.

When coming in groups, it's always best to go with bulk rates with limo rental services; not only will you be able to get the best deals for such extravagant transportations. Here are some tips and tricks on how to negotiate with the right set of wheels at the right price.

Do a little research

Before you even go about and negotiate with bulk rates for limos, you need to find out various companies that offers the services. You need to find out if they have something to offer aside from the service. Try to ask around or check the internet for various limo rental services and compare prices.

You could try searching for contact number and give them a call. Since you already researched about them, you can provide the initial information and ask for the rest. This way, you are sure that you have exhausted all the possibilities in getting the best deals for the best limos.

Also, getting to know a little bit about the business could give you a bargaining edge in your search for the best deals. Try to know information like how they charge for their limos – either by the hour, by day, by kilometer or even by events. Knowing all these in advance could give you enough elbow room in negotiation for the best prices.

Be an early bird

When planning to use multiple limos during an event, it's only important that you find the most affordable one there is. I don’t mean that you stick your options with the price alone; you have to make sure that the limos you rent will be in perfect working condition.

When you've already set your eyes on a certain company, inquire about any promotions, discounts, basic rates, down payment for services and mode of payment. May it be a Hummer H2 or a normal limo that can accommodate a lot of people; you have to make sure that you get the best deals and the best cars to go with your event

Point out the number of people who will be with you in the said event, and how many passengers for each vehicle. Try to point out the advantage of renting out multiple limos would be better than renting a limo bus. Routes, destinations, date and time of the event can also be a good bargaining tool to get the best bulk rates with limo rental services.

Let the negotiations continue

Even if you get turned down on the first try, you can sum up your courage and try bargaining again. This might be quite desperate for you but this will be very annoying to the owner. If you play your cards right, they will agree to your conditions just to get you to leave them alone.

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