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Best Limousine Models For Specific Occasions

The livery industry is a booming one in the United States and Canada. It is estimated that there are around 12,400 limousine companies, and these operate some 126,000 vehicles. Generally, around 11% of these limo operators have fleets of more than 20 vehicles.

The industry provides employment for 275,000 people and transports 400 million passengers annually for a wide array of purposes ranging from airport transfers, business and corporate travel, weddings, proms and other social outings. Its nice to note that The term 'Limousine' is actually somewhat of a misnomer because the industry utilized a diversified vehicle fleet, and they range from sedans, stretch limousines, stretch sport utility vehicles (SUV) and limo buses.

Limousine Models Vary With Every Occasion

There are may varieties of limousines available in the market today. Vehicle models such as Lincolns, Cadillac’s, Fords, Mercedes, and many more abound. Limos come in all sizes, ranging from town cars to SUV’s and can seat from one to 26 passengers. Some limousines such as the standard Lincoln Town Car can just be a typical rental car. These vehicles, which have a formal, more elegant feel, are highly appropriate for formal occasions such as weddings or funerals.

There are ways to jazz up the usual limo by renting a Cadilac Escalade, Mercedes-Benz or a non-stretch Hummer, particularly for out-of-town trips or bachelor parties.

Limo Services Vary With The Prices

A Limo rental service may vary with the price levels each offers. The most simple and standard limousine service will have the limousine, driver and beverages. When it comes to the driver, make sure that the rental provider will give you a uniformed driver, if the occasion is as formal as a wedding or company anniversary, since the last thing is that one would want for a chauffeur, is to get dressed in casual slacks and a polo shirt.

The availability of alcoholic drinks may be regulated by authorities in certain municipals, therefore you need to check on your local regulations to ensure if any restrictions are in place for alcoholic beverages. The variety of services offered helps to explain why some limousine rentals will charge $45.00, $85.00 or $125.00 an hour. All of the added amenities are sure to be reflected in the prices. The best way to get the most for your money is by comparing products and services equally with otherlimousine rental prviders.

Check Out The Model And Make Of Your Limo

Customers of a limousine rental agency should always ensure that they check out the year, make and model of the vehicle. Many individuals generally prefer a late model limousine which is 2-3 years old.

However, ensure that you do not get fooled by the rental price on the advertisements. Some ads may display an ad which claims $45.00 rental an hour. Always make sure that if such price is being offered, will you get, for example, a post-1995 model? After you have verified the limousines year make and model, learn about the limousine service.

heck to ensure that the vehicle is properly licensed. The vehicle should be licensed by the Department Of Motor Vehicles as a for hire limousine-service vehicle. Many limousines carry $1.5 million insurance liability coverage, and certain requirements are required for the vehicle to be licensed and registered. The reasons are simple, because in the event of an accident, having a limo that was was not insured as a limousine for hire would be the last thing you would want to hear.

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