Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Real estate broker updates

As a success are qualified calls tables of analyzes that have been conducted both the Real Estate Chamber of Venezuela (CIV) as its subsidiary Real Estate Chamber Metropolitana (CIM), activities which aim to brokers real estate update knowledge of dynamics of this line of business, and thus increase their professional capacity.

Counsel Irma Lovera De Sola, a specialist in real estate law and legal consultant to the CIV, led table analysis which were evaluated various scenarios that are affected by the Partial Amendment to the Law on Real Estate Leasing Reform under study process the National Assembly.

This reform project is analyzed by the Subcommittee on Housing of the Committee on Public Service and Administration of the National Assembly and has received contributions from the sectors involved in the matter.

In the process, the legal consultant of the VSD has participated in the drafting of the comments that the housing association has submitted to the instance of Congress.

The table in question led Lovera Irma De Sola was a remarkable journey through participatory concern between real estate professionals in relation to the course that has acquired the reform bill. In this regard were analyzed various aspects such as the freezing of rents, something that the Government has been extended every six months since 2004. Another factor taken into account was the attempts to eliminate evictions and confiscation of property for lease to benefit tenants.

The table analysis reaffirmed the need for reform to achieve better relations between landlords and tenants equally, so that in this way the revival of the rental market is achieved, currently diminished.

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