Monday, September 22, 2008

Impress Your Date With A Limousine Ride

Admit it or not, it is hard to please everyone, if you have 10 friends only 5 or 8 of them are pleased to have you. Or if you have a girl and you want to please her with a date, you need to plan too hard and do some research on how to impress them.

Indeed it is true to please everyone, especially if you are trying to impress a girl whom you are courting. Basically, you need to learn more about her and you must set a date so you can have your first base courting a girl.

First impression really last, and it has been proven by a lot of people. Of course everyone wants to have a good impression at start on their date to have a good impact and may lead to the goal that you are attaining for.

Doing some research on how to please or impress a girl is somewhat a crazy thing that man will do, we all know that men have this ego to protect and doing stuff like that will really affect their ego. But if they will do things like that, they should make sure that they will succeed on their plans having a good impression on their dates.

You need to ask her friends what are the things she like most, you may start asking what her dream date is, usually women love to have romantic date and you may want to consider to have a dinner date in a class restaurant. Ask one of the waiters on the restaurant about your date and plan to make surprises during the date. If the restaurant do have musician like, pianist or violist, you can request the most favorite song of your date together with a bunch of flowers delivered by a waiter.

It is better to plan these things ahead of time and prepare your budget for it. Asking her friend about things she likes will give you an idea on how you will plan a date with your girl. And to have a good start in a date, you may want to consider a luxury ride for your date. If you have a friend that owns a limousine you can borrow it and ask him to drive you and your date in the restaurant.

Limousine ride is a good idea of having a good impression on a date; you can please your date with this kind of ride. And if you don’t have a friend who has a limousine, there are companies that offer limousine service with affordable price. And for sure the cost of renting a limousine will worth it knowing that in this way you have set a good impression on your date.

Eliza Maledevic Ayson

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