Thursday, August 14, 2008

Other Services Of Limousine Rentals That You Should Know About

As you look around in your area or on the Internet for a limousine rental service for your special event, you might notice that all of them are somewhat similar with each other in terms of what they offer to their customers.

Aside from checking out the limousine models and rates for their services, you might want to check out their other offers that would distinguish the best in the business from the duds. Here are some of them that you should know about.

Discounts And Additional Hours

Limousine rental businesses offer discounted rates on their services to bring in the customers. If one of these firms starts spreading the word of discounted rates, then you can be sure that some of them are sure to follow to keep up with the competition.

In most cases, limousine rental businesses offer discount for advanced bookings. Considering that they need to maximize their profit in regards to the overall function of their limousines, they would push their customers to book in advance to fit with their schedule by giving out big discounts.

Another method to get huge discounts on limousine rental services is to hire limos in bulk. Try to gather as many of your friends and family members for that event who are interested in using a limo for their transportation needs. Inquire about their discounted rates if you rent two or more limos for a single event. The more rent out, the bigger the discounts would be.

Aside from discounts, limousine rental firms also give out additional hours to their service for special occasion, like prom nights, city-wide events, and so on. Usually, they offer these add-ons on specific dates, so it's best to check them out in advance before you hire their services.

Gifts For Using Their Services

You might want to inquire about possible gift and additional benefits they offer to their clients for using the service. Limousine rental firms will give add-ons to make their customers so that they will hire them for another event, such as wines and flowers for weddings, honorary gifts for birthday parties and debut, entertainment systems for a night-out party, and so on.

By inquiring about these extra services rather than focusing too much on limo models and their respective rates, it’s a guarantee that you will get the best limousine rental service in the business to make your event a more memorable experience.

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