Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Appear More Business-Like with a Rental Limousine

There's always an aura of power and professionalism that a limousine provides unlike any other vehicle. If you're planning to up your business style and savvy, you might want to explore the advantages with a rental limousine.

Here is a quick and easy guide on how to go about with one.

Choosing the Rental Limousine

What's Your Business?

First consider what kind of affair or event you're going to. There are varying rates depending on the event and duration of use. There are so many kinds of limousines to choose from like sedans, SUVs, buses, hummers and classics like Rolls Royce.

Find the limo that best matches the occasion. Sedans are good enough for day meetings and business meet ups. If you're going to a big convention with a lot of potential investors and clients, you might want to spend more by renting a classic or SUV. You will also successfully have a very businesslike appearance by conducting meetings inside a shuttle or bus type limousine.

About the Rental Company

Inquire at least three rental agencies to compare prices and options. Check the capacity and condition of the vehicle you're eyeing on. Ask how many vehicles are in their fleet as well as the average age of the type you wish to rent. Ask about the company's history, as well as experience of their drivers.

Make sure you make all the necessary arrangements and preparations to appear as professional as possible. Specify the routes, time of pickup and return, details and condiments available and provide some allowance in terms of spontaneous trips.

Additional Tips

Read the full coverage and policy of your limousine rental. Make sure that the company specifically provides you with all the listed details and inclusions with the package you availed of. Any errors or unsatisfactory service or detail that you notice can be reported back to the company and necessary compensatory deductions can be made. However, it is always better to have your vehicle in perfect shape especially if it’s a very important business event.

Be wary about packages that seem too negotiable or cheap. Ask for pictures of the exact limousine you're going to use or personally see for yourself by making reservations one or two weeks in advance.

Talk to the driver assigned to you and indicate everything you need done at the date of your rental. Emphasize the importance of the occasion and how you value punctuality and proper conduct. Great chauffeur service always leaves a good impression on your associates.

Finally, arrange the mode of payment and any other implications that you do not have full control of like accidents. Ask for copies of all important documents. Check for available discounts on repeat services since some companies offer promos and special packages for regular guests.

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